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Why the nicknames?

Throughout my blogs I’ll be sharing with you information about my niece and nephew. Both are in their twenties and both have autism – from one end of the scale to the other. They moved in with me when Eedy was 10 and Mogs was 8, after their mum, my sister, died. Mogs still lives with me and her brother Eedy has lived in a few different places, supported under the ‘social care’ bracket. I’m their auntie, next-of-kin, mother figure and advocate…

So, why the nicknames…?

They have autism
I have neuro-‘not-so’-typical
They like to play with the sounds of words
So do I.
I have no idea why we added ‘Eedy-steam-roller’ to the end of my boy’s first name. But we did and he and I found it the funniest thing. Eedy stuck, as a term of endearment. Representing fun, laughter, the good times, happy times.
My girl’s nickname is much more logical (as is fitting for her) Mogs, rather than the obvious.
Both work. Both maintain confidentiality. (Unless you know me and them). But good enough for the World Wide Web.

Mogs is able to, and has given her consent to my musings. So has Eedy, in fact, he’s really quite enjoying getting me reading these stories back to him. He gets this computer and web malarkey and is happy to be a part of it.