Seeking an effect

Eedy loves to shock. If you’ve read the other blogs, you’ll realise that one of his favourite things is to cause people to exclaim, because in those exclamations there are physical affects; a person’s voice rises; their body language changes; their facial expression alters, Eedy’s success rate is based on the level of ‘flustered’ he can evoke. All of which brings great delight to Eedy.

He’d always got a good response from his grandfather, a stern, strict, unbending man who had very little patience and no compassion for Eedy’s autism. Eedy’s favourite would be to visit him, look him up and down and ask him, ‘Are you going to die soon?’ It guaranteed success every time!

One Christmas Eedy was home with us and my mother-in-law was busy preparing the roast dinner in the kitchen. Initially Eedy just stood, rocking from side to side, watching her with interest.

“Have you ever had sex?” he asked. Mum-in-law didn’t miss a beat, “At least 3 times, Eedy, I’ve got 3 children!”

“I’ve never had sex!” he said.

“No, I don’t suppose you have. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be”

Eddy stood watching her for a while longer and then left the room.


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