Late night chats

I used to get hugs from Mogs when she went to bed. But they were ‘rote’ learnt hugs, you know, like hugging a plank of wood. Something she had to do. Because we’d said it was the right way to say goodnight.

Now, every now and again, I get late night talks with her. She’s pragmatic, sensible and balanced. An excellent sounding board and a bloody good listener.

Funny how things change. At the first ‘growing up’ opportunity Mogs dropped the hugs. Initially beginning with her manipulating a non-bedtime bedtime. So she could get away with it. Then the “g’night” would be sounded as she was already half way up the stairs.

Now it’s an adult “night then” on the nights we’ve spent talking. They are becoming more frequent. I love these. It means we’ve chatted, caught up and I’m the one really valuing our discussions, adult to adult. Her autism means she doesn’t overdo the words (unlike me). She listens, gives her opinion, but does not advise.

Something I need to learn more of.

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