Daily Archives: April 4, 2017

Moving stairs and meltdowns

On occasion Eedy would be calm during shopping trips, and on these days, The Adults could too, begin to relax and gain a sense of normality. My sister and I found that we could actually communicate with each other, rather than the more usual 1:1 all consuming job of ‘keeping whichever child in order’.

On one such trip we ended up in Boots. This was before the era of digital photography and films from cameras needed to be developed. I explained to my sister that I was going to quickly run up the escalator to drop a film in. Both Mogs and Eedy said they wanted to come with me. The toys were also upstairs and they were both gifted at seeking out the opportunity for their aunty to buy them new toys.

As both had been particularly well behaved on this trip my guard was down. My sister and I were always ridiculously optimistic – one good day would be processed as a hopeful turn of events and the positive anticipation that this would be the way things would go.

As it had been one of these good days, I said I’d take them both up with me. So, with Eedy in front and Mogs bringing up the rear, we stepped onto the elevator. Immediately the previous calm was shattered. Mogs was too close to Eedy, Eedy was too excited, too closed in, too sensory overloaded. He showed his change in mood by beginning to push and shove his sister. I tried to keep order. Keeping them together whilst keeping them apart. Eedy got one last shove in and Mogs went flying. Her little toddler body tipped backwards and she somersaulted down a couple of steps. Instinctively I grabbed for her. You know that funny feeling where everything that happens in a split second seems also as if time has stood still? It was one of those.

I caught hold of Mogs by the arm, wrenching her back up the escalator. By this time she was screaming, one of those piercing screams that could either be pain or fear. I held her close to me patting her arm and feeling for injuries. It occurred to me that my grabbing her could have injured her and I can remember clearly hoping I’d not dislocated her arm.

In the midst of this I still had to keep close supervision of Eedy. Mogs didn’t appear hurt. Just sobbing with shock. I hugged her into me and reached out for Eedy. Thankfully he was still close.

Grinning from ear to ear, happy, excited, and totally overjoyed Eedy looked up at me, excited hand wringing showed he was thrilled with the situation. His clear communication left me in no doubt…

“Make Moggy do it again! Make Moggy do it again!”

A totally successful trip for Eedy. One he has loved to recount from that day on!